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Created on 2010-08-20 04:56:46 (#547143), last updated 2012-07-05 (276 weeks ago)

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Name:Vintage Stitches!
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for vintage-inspired sewing and stitching!
Welcome to Vintage Stitches! This community was created as a gathering point for all those interested in vintage* clothing and sewing - specifically the recreation of such. Do you collect vintage sewing patterns? Post about them! Or maybe you just bought a vintage pattern, and now you're wondering what the heck a "slide placket fastener" is. Maybe we can help! (Hint- it's a zipper.) Or you just finished a fetching vintage-inspired dress, and want to show it off to an appreciative audience. That's what we're here for! Do you like vintage fashions, but have no idea where to start when it comes to making them? We've got resources for you! Or maybe you don't sew at all, and you just want to look at the pretty pictures. We'd love to have you.

Non-sewing people are of course welcome, too - as long as what you do has something to do with stitching (or, let's be honest, anything to do with clothing in general - millinery is A-okay!) Knitting, crochet, whatever - as long as it's inspired by fashions past, it's all good.

Vintage Stitches is all about vintage inspired clothing; we're not here to get hung up on the minutia of historical accuracy. Rockabilly and other retro fashions are more than welcome!

Though Vintage Stitches is a community about making stuff, feel free to share photos of awesome vintage clothing you didn't make (perhaps something you saw at a museum, or found in an attic, or totally scored for cheap at a thrift store) as inspiration!

-For the sake of people's layouts, and those poor souls still stuck on dialup, please put all photos larger than 600 pixels behind a cut. If you have more than one photo, please cut the entry after the first.
-Be nice.
-This is a community about making stuff, so please, no selling posts. You are welcome to post a link to your Etsy/Spoonflower/whatever shop, but do not make it the entire point of the entry.
-It would be nice if you tagged your entries, but it's not necessary. If you think the community needs a new tag, tell me so and I'll try to add it.

The community moderator is [profile] annoyedwabbit. I don't bite!

*For the purpose of this community, I'll arbitrarily be defining "vintage" as anything 1970s or previous, though with an emphasis on the late nineteenth/early twentieth century. If you want to post about your Elizabethan costuming, feel free to do so, but I will be a little confused.
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